Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Look What I got in the mail!!

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A few weeks ago while reading a blog that I follow I fell in LOVE with the wreath that Summer posted. While there are directions on the blog on HOW to make the wreath - I just KNOW that mine would turn out hideous! So I hummed and hawed and got some birthday money and bought myself this lovely wreath from Sugar Money and YESTERDAY it arrived YAY!!! I took pictures so you can see my excitement and my new lovely wreath!

Of course I had to use my handy dandy i-slice to open my box (seriously this might be my favorite Pampered Chef product - at $3.75 EVERYONE can afford it ;) )
 Getting excited as I start to see it!!!
 The sweet note from the maker of the wreath:
 Isn't it lovely???
I Love the bird sitting on top of the flowers :) 
 Yes, I didn't consider the color of the front door when buying the wreath - but I'm still in love with it!

 Sadly - it won't be on my front door until after Easter - since I have this little cutie hanging there right now ;)

What's hanging on your front door?


  1. Oh, that is such a pretty wreath! I'll have to check out that store! :)
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  6. oh my goodness! that wreath is precious!! i absoultely love it!!!! so jealous!

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