Friday, April 20, 2012

Family Tree

Last night I had the privalage of seeing a bunch of different Christian artists in concert. They were all fantastic. I loved hearing some new singers/bands for the first time - new music is always great!!  But the one song that really jumped out at me was "Family Tree" by Matthew West.  He told the story of the girl that this song was written about. I could relate alot to her.

While not my entire family tree is messed up - there are a few branches that are. People have done things that are un-forgivable; things that I am ashamed to even admit has happened in my family. Things that have turned people away from being MY friend - yet I had nothing to do with them.  

I am SO thankful that I serve a God who is MUCH MUCH bigger than all these "things" or "actions" He CAN and WILL forgive everything - even when I find it hard to do so.  God CAN and WILL breathe new life into your (my) family tree - the actions of others DOES NOT have to be your (my) legacy!! Praise God!!  

I hope this song blesses you like it did me! 

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  1. I was blessed by that song as well, I think Trey was too. It gives you new hope that just because your family or past was hurt- filled or difficult, it doesn't mean it has to affect your future. With Jesus everything is possible!