Thursday, March 1, 2012

March 1

wow - March 1st already! I'm excited because it means we are ONE DAY CLOSER to SPRING!! yay :)  It's also my birthday month...gosh 30 just sounds SO old ;)

Today was fun - I watched 2 little guys today and I got to play with playdough - why is squishy stuff so much fun?

This was my attempt at a "pie" the boys thought it looked gross ;)

Brian actually came home early tonight - YAY!! I was so excited about dinner - Tacos - one of my favorite meals! I even made the taco seasoning from scratch this time - so delicious! I was not so happy when I opened the taco shells to find a box of crushed shells - out of 10 taco shells there was 1 that wasn't broken, cracked or missing pieces - ONE..... and only 5 that could be even used as tacos. Yeah I'll be sending that company a letter for sure!  We made it work anyways and they were delicious - but still... 

Hope your Thursday night is a good one! 

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