Monday, March 28, 2011

Birthday Cards, Target Cards and Freebies!

 Today turned out to be a pretty good day when I got to my mailbox! Our little tiny PO Box was over flowing with mail - the mail lady even had MORE in the back room for us - it was crazy!  Look at all these fabulous birthday cards I got in the mail :D (and those lovely target cards - whoo hoo! birthday money!)

Thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday either by phone, text or a facebook message - I truly know who my friends are - I felt very loved :)

Something else that came in the mail today was my freebie pack from Target! I got a new lotion, a few new shampoos, a lip gloss and chap stick to try - PLUS $25 worth of coupons! not to mention the cute little case it all came in!  And have I mentioned that the coupons are all for target - and I will get an extra 15% off because my hubby works for Target - love that discount! LOL!
and it doesn't stop there!! I got my latest copy of "Fresh Home" in the mail - this is a catalog I devour each time I get it in the mail. It has so many creative ideas in it - and this one looks promising!

I already love the water bottle vases with fresh daisies on the front cover!

So what fun things came in YOUR mailbox today??

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