Saturday, March 26, 2011

What to Wipe With

Going Green: I am not one of those crazy people that is all about "going green" with every aspect of their life. Because let's face it - God will destroy this world when his purpose is fulfilled with it, and not a second sooner. But that doesn't mean I shouldn't try and take care of this beautiful land that He created for me - so I try and do small steps at a time - so here is one of my first "baby steps" .... Enjoy!

About a year ago I visited a friend and noticed that she used only cloth napkins. I asked her if she made them - which she had (and some had been made for her as a gift). She mentioned that while paper napkins were not EXPENSIVE it was a cost that she didn't bother with anymore. And I noticed how "green" it was of her :)

 While I HAD cloth napkins we rarely used them - I thought they were only for "special" occasions - you know those candle-lit dinners where you serve the meal in courses - yeah those ones. Which come on - who has more than one or two of those a year - NOT I!  So when I got home I noticed we had about half a package of our paper napkins left. I made a decision right there and then that I was going to use them up and then put my cloth napkins in my napkin holder and try to use them - and if we didn't like it we'd go back.
Well I'm happy to report almost a year later we are still using the cloth napkins!  I try and use the same one all day - unless it gets wet or I have something REALLY messy and then I throw it in the washer to be washed.  We have about 12 napkins in our holder and that usually lasts us a week (since I only do laundry once a week ;) ) If we have company I do run out faster - and I'll have to wash them sooner - but for the day to day use - they are wonderful!
I think it took my husband a little longer to get used to it - but now he doesn't know the difference ;)

Now on to Paper Towels:
I still use paper towels for cleaning the counters and other small messes. This is something that I want to change. Even though we don't use that many (we're still working on a 18 pack from Sam's Club that I bought last March)  I had to put my brain to use and think - what could I use that I could throw in the washer and use again.........
And finally I remembered that when I was little my mom used to make her own baby wipes and used Handi Wipes. And then I thought - why couldn't I use them - I could have a small basket on my counter (or under my sink) and grab them for wiping the counters down & for small messes - so this is my goal when I finish the rolls in my cupboard. i'll report back when I've accomplished this :)

Now you're going to call me crazy - but what about Toilet paper?

Yeah...I don't think I can get my husband on board with this one (since I'm not on board either!)

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