Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Doll the WORLD is talking about

So I know I'm not the first person to write a blog about the new breastfeeding baby doll (and probably won't be the last) - but I wanted to throw my opinion out there.  Before I do I'm going to put out my disclaimer - because I KNOW someone will have a fit about what I'm going to say! I DO realize that there are times when breastfeeding is just NOT an option - for example Milk supply - but I DO still believe it is the BEST thing for ANY infant - or GOD wouldn't have designed our bodies to produce milk to nourish an infant.

Now on to my post: 

If you haven't heard, or maybe you live under a rock ;) there is a new baby doll coming to America - it is the worlds first Breast Feeding Doll basically the doll comes with a little shirt/bra looking thing with flowers where the breasts would normally be. When the doll is near the flowers/breast it makes noises like its nursing, and moves its mouth. After the doll has eaten, it needs to be burped.  View commercial if you would like: 

Most people that I've heard talk/write about this doll do so in a negative light. They say the doll is degrading to little girls, or it's too sexual etc...  I don't feel that way about this doll at all - in fact if I had a daughter, and the doll wasn't almost $100 I would consider purchasing it for her.  

When I was little I didn't have this doll but I DO remember "nursing" my dolls (and I'm talking doll on skin here - no special little bra for me!) - because I saw my mother doing it. I burped my dolls - because I saw my mother doing it. I changed my dolls diapers because I saw my mom doing it.  Children learn from watching their parents. My cousins wife actually just wrote a sweet note on facebook about watching her oldest daughter (almost 2 yrs old) take care of her baby doll the same way that she sees her mother take care of her little sister. Children learn by the examples that we as adult set for them. 

From some of the articles I've read, this doll was created to bring awareness to Breastfeeding and all the good it does for your infant. Maybe if we bring awareness to breastfeeding to our children - they will choose to breastfeed knowing that it is so much better for their baby than formula.  Think about it - a mothers breastmilk doesn't have added hormones, added vitamins, it's not soy based, and it's never been recalled by the "company" It is the way God intended all women to feed their new born baby - it is natural. 

This clip from GMA I thought was pretty good - they weren't For or Against the doll. 

So I'm in the minority here - I realize that - but what do you think about this doll? Would you buy it for your child?

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