Saturday, February 11, 2012

February 11

Today was a pretty lazy day - one that was much needed! Got to spend some good quality time with my main man :)

He also took me to dinner tonight at a pop-up restaurant (that was only open for this weekend) and the chef was a guy that we met at one of our Pampered Chef shows in December.  This was the menu:

Course 1
Green Iowa Egg Drop Soup
Shiitake ginger shallot garlic rice

Sweet Corn Coconut Chowder
Tofu carrot onion celery garlic ginger

Course 2
Sausage Stuffed Squid Hoods
Breakfast sausage tempura sticky rice chili

Ginger Glazed“Beef”Tips
Daikon slaw sake cabbage satin rice wine

Course 3
Pork Sushi
Sticky rice sesame bacon ham apple sweet corn brown sugar

Vegetable Sushi
Seaweed avocado carrot cucumber chive sweet corn wasabi

Course 4
Fried Ice Cream
Pound cake tempura raspberry chocolate peanut

Cinnamon Sugar Toast
Apple pie spice sticky rice lychee cherry blueberry

The food was amazing - and so unique - something that is hard to find here in Iowa ;)  I think the Pork Sushi was our favorite - the flavors were AMAZING!!

I was also told that this is only part one of Valentines Day ;) So we'll see what else my man has up his sleeve - and yes, he's making me wait until next FRIDAY for the rest! lol

What do you have planned for Valentines Day?  Any traditions?

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