Tuesday, February 7, 2012

February 7

Happy Birthday to my brother Tom :) he is sibling #3 of 11 and the sibling right under me (I'm #2) 

I have some crazy stories I could tell you about him - like when we decided to collect crickets into our little ride-on car with the flip-up seat and sell them to our neighbors.....
when we loaded our red wagon with snow - and we were going to sell that to our neighbors (what is with us wanting to sell stuff to our neighbors?) Don't worry we were staying away from the yellow snow!

Here is Tom in that very wagon when he was little ;) 

He loves to be outside - doing something with wood working/carving, splitting wood, making fires and putting plaintain on EVERYTHING ;) 

He has a very tender & soft heart - you could tell it in the way he used to care for the baby chicks that were his "responsibility" growing up. 

He was able to pick up the harmonica and teach himself how to play (and I think it was that way with the guitar and the banjo as well)

I was so happy to be part of both of his wedding days - This was the "courthouse" wedding
And this was the "walk down the aisle in a tux" wedding ;) Both were beautiful and you can tell how in-love they are :) 

He's usually a good sport - even if I'm trying to pick his nose ;) 

 and I didn't even notice when he fell asleep during our wedding ;) (mainly because I was on stage ;))

 Over-all I'm thankful that he's my brother - even if we don't see each other or speak that often.

Happy 28th Birthday Tom - I hope it's a great one!

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