Wednesday, February 1, 2012

February 1

As I typed that ^^ I am shocked that the first month of 2012 is already DONE and GONE - where did it go?? Wherever it went - it was fast!

Today I got to spend a few hours with 2 of the cutest little guys - we played trains (of course!), played the child's version of sequence - although little man #2 just thought it was fun to put the pieces on EVERY animal on the board - not just the ones he had a card for ;) - We colored, played operation and more - I swear - how do kids have SO MUCH energy? It's a little crazy to me! lol

I then went and got my hair cut - I think maybe, just maybe I found a stylist that really knows how to cut my hair - we'll see after I wash it and style it for myself ;) The stylists that I usually REALLY like have NO CLUE how to style my hair - but that's ok - if they can cut it, I can style it ;)  I also love that this salon gives out a TON of free samples to first time clients - YAY!!

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  1. i LOVE Pureology products. So spendy, but so good on your hair! I'm glad you found a GREAT salon. That is no small feat.