Thursday, February 23, 2012

February 23

I know I know, it's been over a WEEK since my last post - but well, I've been sick, I mean really sick, down on the couch not doing ANYTHING sick - so I finally went to the doctor on Tuesday and got some drugs - yay :) I'm feeling somewhat better now.

My main reason for blogging today was to wish my taller-than-me-not-so-little brother a VERY HAPPY 19th birthday!!

Gosh - I remember the day he was born - I remember what I was wearing - and even going outside and trying to type out "SOS" in Morse code so that the ambulance could find our house (I'm sure it wasn't ANYTHING like the real SOS lol)  he was such a BIG baby that the midwives had problems delivering him - and he actually broke his arm during delivery. But he arrived safe and sound - on Fat Tuesday of all days :)  He was the cutest little baby - all squshy faced and just BIG!! He weighted in at 12 lbs 4 oz.

I remember rocking him to sleep in the afternoons, and letting him fall asleep in my arms - listening to his little baby snores.

I remember him testing at genius levels in Kindergarten.  One day the school called me at work and needed me to come pick him up - he came back to work with me and colored and just sat quietly in the lobby area while I worked.

I also remember when he asked me why "I" (who was NOT a mother) had boobs....he knew why mom had them - to nurse/feed our younger brother - but why in the world did I have them - that was a fun conversation!

All that to say I have such fond memories of him - he holds a VERY special place in my heart.

This is the "youngest" picture that I have avaliable on my computer - Daniel is the one in the back with the cute little half smile - this was probably Fall 1995

Christmas 2004 I wasn't going to go home to Michigan - but on Christmas Eve I decided to make a VERY quick trip and a few of my siblings came back to Missouri to spend the week with me - this is a picture I took of Daniel that week :) 

This picture was taken December 2007 right after our mom passed away. He came over to my (then) Finacee's house to help me put together some picture boards - it was a rough day, but it was a good memory with my sweet brothers. 

Christmas 2007

 Daniel as a Groomsmen in our wedding - so handsome! June 2008

January 2010 - it was again a sad situation that allowed us to see each other, but I was so thankful to FINALLY see my brothers. 

The next time I saw my brother - October 2010 - again another sad situation, but again, so thankful to see my brothers again (sadly I haven't seen my two younger brothers since this time) 

FINALLY - I'm able to have a relationship with my brother Daniel - August 2011 - So very thankful to see him during our trip to Michigan for Brian's work - we had a GREAT day seeing our grandparents, playing putt putt and going to dinner.  This was shortly before he left for the Navy.

Brian and I were able to attend Dan's Navy graduation - it was such an amazing ceremony and I couldn't have been MORE proud of Daniel. I am SO thankful for these young people who give up their lives, in order for ME (us) to live mine. 

Happy Birthday Daniel - I am So proud of you, and proud that you are my brother. Know that I love you, and you will always have a place to call home - no matter where we are living.

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