Saturday, February 4, 2012

February 4

Just got back from MN where I attended Pampered Chef's SPRING LAUNCH - where they "launch" all the new products that are coming March 1st :) I'm SO SO SO excited about them, but I can't say a peep!! lol Keep your eyes peeled for the new products!!

I had such an amazing time with my MN friends - they are so uplifting to my soul - I think they know me better than most people, and I've never had an "awkward" moment in any conversation with them :) I love that! 

Pictures to come soon! 

You might remember a few days ago I posted about my friend who had lost a baby. Because of all the complications and not having health insurance in Peru (for many different reasons) they are struggling financially. Here is a note from a close friend of the family that was posted on Facebook:

Friends and Family, this is Victor. Thank you for all the love and support. As of now Jose and Kathryn are not going to be responding to any phone calls, text messages, emails, or FB messages. 

Many people are asking how can they help or show/extend their love. And a good way is through giving financially. Right now the Lopez family needs about $8,000. That covers Kat's surgery (C-Section), the surgeries Caleb Elijah had, doctor fees and hospital expenses, as well as the final plans for Caleb Elijah's burial. 

You can give tax exempt free through OR you can private message ME (Victor Cetina) and ask me for their account information to deposit it directly at your local bank. You can find me on face book through --> Vic Cetina or my email 

If you have any questions, please email me directly or private message me. Jose and Kat are in need to private time right now, and I was asked to head all this up. Thank you for understanding, and for your love and support. 

-Vic Cetina 

If you would like to give in any way (even $5) you can contact Vic or give directly at this link:  

I know Kat & Jose would GREATLY appreciate it - and hopefully they will be able to come back to the states and be with family and friends. 

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