Thursday, January 12, 2012

January 12

Busy day today! Went out to the new house and started unpacking a bunch of stuff. Got all of the books in the bookshelves - except the shelf that is going in the guest room - I'll have to tackle that another day. 

among all the unpacking.....

I came across my grandma's china  - this is the first house that I'll be able to actually put these gorgeous dishes in a cupboard and maybe even get to use them :)  I had a ::warm fuzzy feeling:: when I realized that my momma was the last person to touch many of these dishes - she packed them all in newspaper and boxed them up before she gave them to me. :)  

The pattern is so beautiful - sadly I don't have the entire set - I *know* I have enough for four people to have dinner, and six people to have tea :)  I'm also missing the sugar dish. Maybe one day I can search ebay or some antique shops and get the entire set - maybe, one day ;) 

 Now if I can get our landlord to FINALLY get all of their junk out of the house - we've only had the key to the house for 12 days now, it's rather annoying.  I sent him the following picture today when I found this cupboard still FULL of stuff - and something in there is rotting - and it smells.  Hopefully they will come and get it moved SOON. I've already packed up a box of stuff they left behind - I'm not packing this one up.  I've never had this issue before, and I'm trying not to be "mean" about it - but seriously, how hard is it to take all your stuff with you? 

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