Thursday, January 19, 2012

January 19

Whoa....busy day today!  It started with me heading to the new house so the guys who were there to hook up the phone/internet could get in - it was REALLY cold!!!! 

Got to the house and the fire alarm was going off - REALLY the guy who was there to hook up the phone/net and I got friendly real quick - I had to get up on to a stool and unplug the battery so it would stop and then I basically fell into this guys arms trying to get down off the stool...yeah, so not cool! lol!

After hook up guy left I worked on our guest room and got it FINISHED! So now all of you guests who want to come and visit us can ;)

My grandpa made the doll house in the corner when I was 7  :) It really needs new carpet and curtains put in, but I'll probably wait until my (someday) little girl wants to play with it :)

I then spent the afternoon with the 2 little handsome men I've been watching - littlest man wanted a bite of my orange - and lets just say it wasn't the sweetest orange I've ever had - and he made the FUNNIEST faces! Too bad I was too slow to get them on camera :)

After I was done watching them I went back out to the house and unpacked a BUNCH of stuff in the basement - no pictures, sorry :)

Just before I left I headed into the main bathroom and saw this on the calendar (yes I'm aware that it was yesterday's date ;))

What do you think? Agree or Disagree?

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