Monday, January 30, 2012

January 30

I am a failure.....

I didn't post yesterday - the first day this year that it didn't happen. Can I tell you a secret? I don't feel all that bad ;) I've posted 20 + more times than I did last month so that's got to count for SOMETHING right? LOL  I actually did think about posting last night as I was getting comfy in the couch last night and said to myself ....nah, you can do it after you watch Castle....well I fell asleep during Castle and went to bed right afterwards.

So yesterday went something like this:

Woke up
Left for Church
Got to Church 8 minutes late (I hate being late) had to sit in the balcony because the lower level was full - a good problem, except I don't enjoy sitting up there - I feel like I'm going to fall through the floor :/
Switched cars with Brian
Drove home
Microwaved leftover Chili (it was still super yummy - but it was the last day we SHOULD be eating it ;))
Went to the Greenbush house with Brian to get the Jeep {did I tell you I was in my pajamas - well I was, and since I didn't have to get out of the car I didn't get dressed} Had to get out of the car and help Brian - thankfully nobody was out and about in the neighborhood - although our older neighbors from across the street were watching us, I'm sure.
Came home
Did a few random things around the house
Watched a show while Brian was working in the garage (which he did a GREAT job at - looks pretty amazing!)
Stopped the show to close Tina's Pampered Chef show - She got $240 worth of FREE products - pretty amazing huh?
Cooked Dinner - and Monday's dinner. {large salad with lots of veggies and a cut up chicken breast - yum!}
Cleaned up - YES my kitchen was spotless last night - yay :)
Went to the basement and helped Brian put together the sectional, and was pretty excited that we could both lay on the couch at the same time again! I've missed my comfy spot!
And watched Castle until bed.

whew.... yeah it was a busy day ;)

Today was a little slower - Monday is my "Washing" day - which reminds me I need to go get the last load out of the dryer.
Then I met with Sara  - who is my co-leader for our Small Group in Youth Group. We planned some really fun ideas for the girls this semester - I hope they like them!  I might be crazy though - we planned a sleepover at my house ;) should be fun!

Do you have a schedule that you keep on a weekly basis - like my "Monday is my washing day?"

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  1. I WISH I had a schedule.. unfortunately I know myself, and I know I wouldn't follow it. My goal is to at the VERy least do diaper laundry every 2-3 days and all my other laundry on the weekends