Thursday, January 26, 2012

January 26

Hmm....nothing much interesting happened today - well except for the fact that I found out my last 3 days of posting saved as a draft and didn't post - oops!! They should be there now ;)

Spent the morning with Brian - not doing a whole lot.
Spent the afternoon going to the Chiropractor and then going to the Drivers Licence place to get my addresses updated. I seriously look SO MAD in my new picture - it's almost funny!

Then I came home - watched the Bachelor - come on, you know you watch it too!

Kacie B is my favorite girl right now - I think she is genuine and would be a great match for Ben.

The girl that needs to go home is Courtney - she's too full of herself, and kinda mean to everyone else.

We'll see who Ben keeps around ;)  You know in the past years I've been able to narrow it down to the top 3 girls - so we'll see if I'm right or not ;) Although I don't have a top 3 this Hopefully Kacie wins his heart!  {oh and thank goodness for Hulu!} 

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