Saturday, January 7, 2012

January 7

This week another Christmas gift from my mother in law arrived - this CD is not one that I would recommend you run out and buy right now - but about 11 years ago it was one of my favorites! I had lent it out to a friend and their younger sibling got ahold of it and scratched it up pretty bad, so I wasn't able to listen to the CD for the past 10 or so years. I still thought of it as a great CD with funny songs - like  Missions Trip to Mexico, Homeschool Girl, Goodwill Day and I saw Pastor Dancing.  So when the CD arrived I was SO excited to put it into my CD player and listen to it.  Well my taste in music must have changed just a little - maybe it got better? Because the singers weren't as good as I remembered them to be, and the music was very repetitious.  But, it's still a fun CD - one that I'll pull out every now and then and enjoy - but probably not one of my favorites anymore ;) LOL   

Do you have a CD that was your favorite 10+ years ago - and today you kinda scratch your head wondering what you were thinking? Tell me about it!

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