Saturday, January 14, 2012

January 14

Whew....I'm exhausted. Brian and I did ALOT of moving today - and the house is getting emptier (is that a word?) Next Saturday is the big move - and hopefully we'll just have the "big" stuff to move - no boxes or small items - that's the goal anyways ;)

Have I told you it snowed this week? yes, yes, glorious snow.....umm....not. I am not really a fan of the white stuff....if it would stay off the roads and sidewalks I'd be happy and you wouldn't hear a peep out of me, but it doesn't so I with it ;) lol
BUT, I will admit this is very pretty ;)
 It was on a weed/plant outside of our new house - right next to our hitching post - you know if you ever want to ride your horse over to our house ;)

Today was also the last day for us to get mail at our PO Box - I'm not gonna say that I will miss having to go to the post office on a daily basis - but I'll miss seeing the VERY friendly staff at our little post office :)

And to end this post - go and watch this awesome video :) Love it!! So much truth!

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